Beer Bread Breakfast Sandwich (Inspired by The Replacements)

Breakfast sandwich with beer bread (recipe here)

This one is kinda goofy, and I hope you’ll trust me when I say it actually tasted pretty good! My beer-nerd friend Tony (who also happens to be one of my favorite cooking buddies) was in town for the holiday weekend, so he was the perfect excuse to make beer bread in honor of the Replacements song “Beer for Breakfast.” I’ll be honest: Tony did most of the work on the bread, since he’s made real bread a bunch of times before (I have not, but that’s going to change), and it turned out great. As for the sandwich, I used a fried egg, brown mustard, and … barbeque potato chips, since the song has a line about wanting to eat them. The song also talks about being broke, and everything here is definitely easy on the wallet. I know, you’re probably still gagging at the idea of this sandwich, but I swear it actually tasted pretty good. (And even if you don’t believe me, the bread is at least worth a try!)

From Closet Cooking

We used Troegs HopBack Amber Ale and pretty much followed the recipe above exactly, except that for I think the first rise (Tony might have to correct me on this), we let it sit in the fridge overnight, so I’m not going to re-post the whole thing here!

For the sandwich: Two slices of bread (toasted if you’d like), a fried egg and brown mustard, topped with barbeque chips.


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