Fun Gifts for a Music Nerd’s Kitchen + Win Tickets to The Loom’s NYC Show

[“Upgrade” music mugs via Megh Fine Art]

A few gift ideas to fill your music-loving friend’s kitchen, and a chance to win tickets to The Loom’s Mercury Lounge show this Saturday!

One Ring Zero’s The Recipe Project: Brooklyn band One Ring Zero took recipes from chefs like Mario Batali, Chris Cosentino, Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Michael Symon, and put them to music (check out my interview with ORZ’s Michael Hearst here). The record’s accompanying book features these recipes, plus food- and music-related essays from top-notch food writers. ($17,

Guitar-shaped cutting board from Catskill Craftsmen: When I saw this cutting board at the New Amsterdam Market a year ago, my eyes nearly popped out of my head, I bought it, and it became the face (so to speak) of this blog. ($39,

Guitar volume knob wine stopper: I’m sorry to say the last wine stopper I owned (by way of a past roommate) had a dolphin on top of it. This one is way cooler, made with a guitar volume knob. ($25,

Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box: A couple months ago, Kasey and Matthew at Turntable Kitchen started creating a monthly “pairings box,” which includes an exclusive 7-inch single from a hand-picked band, three seasonal recipes with a couple of ingredients included, and other treats. It’s available as a one-time delivery, or a three-month or unlimited monthly subscription. ($25 for one month,

“Upgrade” music coffee mugs (pictured at top): Just in my not-so-long lifetime, portable music has gone from Walkman, to Discman, to iPod, which can be seen through this awesome set of mugs. ($80 for set of three,

I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen With Your Favorite Bands, by Kara Zuaro: When this book — a collection of recipes from bands ranging from My Morning Jacket to Belle & Sebastian — came out a few years ago, I was interning at Venus Zine and a fellow intern and I tested out a couple of the recipes so she could write about it. Buy this book only if the receiver of it promises to make you Catfish Haven’s strawberry pop cake. ($14,

Cookie Chaos: This super-cute cookie cookbook comes with an electric guitar-shaped cookie cutter, and recipes paired with punk rock songs. ($8,

THE LOOM CONTEST DETAILS: One of my favorite Brooklyn bands, The Loom, is playing a show this Saturday (Dec. 3) at Mercury Lounge in Manhattan, opening for BOBBY, and they want you to be there! We’re giving away two pairs of tickets — a pair each for the first two people to send me an email ( Read more about the band’s new album Teeth and download a new track over at Brooklyn Based, and check out the great dinner we made together in last week’s recipe post. They are awesome live, and keep getting better every time I see them — go to this show!


One thought on “Fun Gifts for a Music Nerd’s Kitchen + Win Tickets to The Loom’s NYC Show

  1. Great list, friend! And thanks so much for including us đŸ™‚ Happy holidays to you! Wish we were in NYC -would totally try to win those tix!

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