Introducing…The New ETB Kitchen!

…Also known as the kitchen I’ll be sharing with my two wonderful new roommates (for the record, my old roommates were wonderful too). I mentioned I had my final post in my old apartment; and while this week’s recipe was indeed created in the new space, you can only see tiny glimpses of it there…

Now, this is no Apartment Therapy-worthy cooking spot — after all, we are 20-somethings with limited budgets and mix-and-match furniture — but I’m still insanely excited about it, as it feels like home and fulfills some of my kitchen-related dreams. Three words: Hanging. Pot. Rack. Also, a huge table that will easily fit at least 10+ people around it (perfect for family dinners), as well as more cupboard and shelf space than we know what to do with (yet).

Pot rack, magnetic knife strip and spices, on the wall above my designating food prep station, aka a wooden shelf that Missy and I found at a thrift-store and fixed up last year (below). You can also see my roommate’s and my small cookbook collection; among mine are The Flavor Bible, Baked Explorations and the cookbook my mom started making for me.

Counter space for my tiny food processor; also the hanging silverware set from my dad and our dish rack.

Dishes! Hooray!

My baking shelf + tupperware.

I’ll have to learn to work with a smaller oven than the old place (one of my baking sheets doesn’t fit in it…), but I think I can deal with it!

Fantastic 6-foot-long table from the previous tenants + the IKEA bench I assembled while a little bit tipsy. I wanted to have a bench so we can have plenty of seating without a billion chairs, and because it slides under the table and out of the way when we’re not using it. We also bought a few folding chairs and have a few chairs and stools left from the previous tenants.


4 thoughts on “Introducing…The New ETB Kitchen!

  1. Absolutely wonderful space. I can’t wait til the next family dinner! By the way, the cabinet picture is adorable for some reason!!

  2. Wow -your Kitchen so organized be careful with those sharp knives hanging on the wall.
    I would let you borrow my cookbooks which will be handy instead of sitting in my shelves 🙂
    Don’t have to explain where you got them from they look wonderful and credit goes to the person(s) who arranged it .

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