Flaming Shots for Partying Hard (Inspired by Andrew W.K.)

(Apologies for my crappy video-editing skills)

Flaming shots in Pop Rock-lined shot glasses (recipe here; this could also work as a cocktail)

I have a huge soft spot for Andrew W.K. More so than for his over-the-top party music, I mostly think he’s the greatest because his sole mission in life is to make other people have fun — whether it’s in the form of, yes, songs like “Party Hard” and “Ready to Die”; the Manhattan nightclub he co-owns (Santos Party House); his TV show Destroy Build Destroy, in which teenagers blow things up; or his Twitter feed full of “party tips” like “Don’t try to think positive. Just party really hard and the positivity comes without thinking,” “People who try to make you party their way are wrong. Always party your own way, no matter what,” and “Love yourself.” His life philosophy is a lot like mine — always being true to ourselves, making things happen, and ultimately living life to the fullest — and I love his overwhelming positivity.

When my friend Brendan and I started scheming about an Andrew W.K.-inspired drink, there were three requirements: It had to be red (for blood), the glass had to be rimmed with Pop Rocks (since he likes to blow things up), and we had to be able to light it on fire (to give it an “extreme” element). I’m proud to say we succeeded on all accounts! Also, today (May 9) is his birthday, so, happy birthday, Andrew! I hope it’s filled with lots of partying.

Pop Rocks
Simple syrup (sugar heated with water)
Pomegranate juice
Some kind of carbonated drink (we used Four Loko…It was not the kind with caffeine and I do not recommend it — if you can find — because it is gross, but…yeah)
Bacardi 151 (also gross, but important for lighting on fire!)


• Read all directions before doing anything else! Setting things on fire is cool. Setting your house/apartment on fire is not. Keep the lighter far away from all alcohol until you are ready to use it.

• Make the simple syrup (heat sugar and water).

• Dip the rim of the shot glass in the simple syrup, then in Pop Rocks (they’ll start crackling a little bit).

• Aside from the 151, it’s not so important what kind of liquor, carbonation, etc. you use (some of these were made with whiskey instead of gin, or with cherry juice, and/or Bailey’s) — the key is the order in which you pour it in the shot glass. It should go like this: juice, carbonation, gin, 151. It’s OK if the bottom layers mix together, but pour the last two over the back of a spoon so the liquid goes in gently and the 151 is its own layer at the top.

CLEAN UP ANY SPILLED LIQUOR BEFORE THE NEXT STEP! I do not want to be the cause of any kitchen fires, explosions, etc. Please, please, please be safe and do not try this if you are already drunk. And if you’re going to do it inside, test it in the sink first.

• Use a long barbeque lighter to light the 151. Hold it there for a few seconds so it catches, then move the lighter away and you’ll see a blueish flame. I’d think this goes without saying, but, blow it out before drinking! The Pop Rocks will melt to the glass a little bit, so it helps to lick them off quickly after you take the shot.


8 thoughts on “Flaming Shots for Partying Hard (Inspired by Andrew W.K.)

  1. Laura, this is totally eXtreme! Good work. I’m really scared by this, but also very clever and innovative. Nice work! Flaming shots are a total party and totally rock and roll. I love your safety warnings as well. Very important.

    • Thanks, Eleanor!! It was a little bit scary because, probably against our better judgment, we did it inside. But, we first tried it over the sink, and we were very sober. Otherwise things could have gone not so well … 🙂

  2. You are awesome. I’ve just discovered your blog, thanks to the referral of a friend, and this post jumped out at me immediately: 1. because it’s awesome, 2. because I feel the exact same way about Andrew WK and his message, and 3. Holy F your name is Laura, too? I feel like I’ve met my long lost, much cooler twin sister! I am digging in to read more now…

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