Indie Rock Deli: King of the Beach Sandwwich (Inspired by Wavves)

You’re never gonna stop me/ King of the beach
— “King of the Beach” by Wavves (from 2010’s King of the Beach)

A veggie-filled sandwich with a crunchy and spicy twist (recipe at bottom of post)

Nathan Williams of the Los Angeles-based band Wavves is known as much for his on- and offstage antics as his music: The music itself is fun and refreshing fuzzy pop, and Williams’s lyrics are often bratty and self-deprecating — about being hated by his friends (and himself), being insane, and being the “king of the beach.” The avocado and fresh veggies represent Wavves’ California beach vibe, while the spicy mustard (and hot sauce, if you want) gives it a kick, and the chips are there because, well, he’s kind of a stoner. *Shoutout to Alex Naidus for coining the term “sandwwich.”
Wavves on MySpace

It all started here, with a normal day at work that turned into an hours-long giggle fit. Indie Rock Deli dishes are inspired by punny takes on band names and song titles. Leave your own suggestions in the comments and they might be used in a future post! (No, they definitely don’t have to actually be indie rock.)


Bread of your choice
Dijon mustard (I mixed mine with a little honey and plain yogurt)
Cheese of your choosing (I used cheddar)
Red onion
Alfalfa sprouts (I couldn’t find any, but this would have made it amazing!)
Potato chips*
Hot sauce (optional)

* I didn’t want to buy potato chips just to use on this sandwich, so I made them by thinly slicing a small potato, tossing the slices in olive oil, salt and pepper, and baking on them foil for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees. I just guessed on this and they didn’t turn out totally like chips, but it was good enough.


Y’know. Make a sandwich.


8 thoughts on “Indie Rock Deli: King of the Beach Sandwwich (Inspired by Wavves)

    • Yes! I suppose that would’ve worked pretty well for this, too, since we called it the fatty roll. That was surprisingly delicious.

    • You know, now that I think of it I vaguely remember us making something similar … definitely not with potato chips, though!

  1. Hey Laura,

    Cool blog! This sandwich looks delicious. You ever think of reaching out to any of these artists who inspire the food? Emily Gould does a cooking show where she interviews authors, might be a cool idea to do with musicians maybe?

    • Thanks, Chris! I’ve been tossing around some ideas for how to get artists involved without copying something like IFC’s Dinner with the Band, or just having artists contribute recipes. I’ll definitely check out her videos, thank you!

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