It’s alive!

Hello! I’m Laura, a Midwestern 20-something living in Brooklyn, and I have a mostly-healthy obsession with both music and food. By day I’m an editor for the digital music store eMusic, and by night I’m either out at a concert, or in my kitchen testing out new recipes and creating my own (and/or watching The Food Network).

I’ve realized that the associations I make in relation to music — moods, emotions, seasons, places, and people — can often be made with food, too, and this blog will explore the intersection of these two worlds. Most of the time (about twice a week), it’ll be through music-inspired recipes, some that are very literal or punny and others that are a bit more interpretive. I’ll also post themed cooking playlists and occasional features on people or places that are finding creative ways to combine what we hear with what we eat.

I’m not a chef and I have no formal culinary training — most of what I know comes from a mix of hands-on experience, other people, and, of course, the Internet. That also means most of the dishes you find here won’t be insanely complicated, or anything you can’t do in an average kitchen.

Since this is just the beginning, I expect that Eating the Beats will evolve quite a bit throughout the next few months, so I’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or recipe ideas. Feel free to contact me at laura [at] eatingthebeats [dot] com, or just leave your thoughts in the comments. You can follow me on Twitter at @eatingthebeats for updates on new posts, or follow my personal Twitter feed, @leebovel, for other food- and music-related musings.





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