ETB Video Interview on

My buddies Erik Erikson and Lauren Mooney (Lauren assisted me with the wonderful poo-cloud whoopie pies a while back) just launched an awesome video- and photo-heavy website called Holy Diver, and I’m honored to say that one of their first posts is about ETB! Seeing myself on video weirds me out a little bit, but I’ll never get over it if I don’t try, right? So, here you go, yours truly chatting about food and music, and making this week’s recipe, dark chocolate caramel cups.

ETB mentioned in the Guardian + links to a few other food/music sites

A couple weeks ago, lots of people discovered mariobatalivoice, the cooking blog in which famed musician/sound engineer Steve Albini writes about what he cooks for his wife. Not surprisingly, it sparked a bunch of articles/blog posts about musicians doing food things. British newspaper The Guardian was one of them, and they mentioned Eating the Beats in their story, as an “extreme” example of combining music and food (but hey, I’ll take it!). Check it out here.

And if you’re interested in some other sites that combine my two favorite things, check these out:

Turntable Kitchen: Delicious-looking recipes; food/music pairings; free MP3 downloads; playlists; reviews. I use the base of Kasey’s granola recipe on a very regular basis. (@TTableKitchen)

Food is the New Rock: A Tumblr collecting all things food and music: quotes from musicians talking about food, chefs talking about music, music-related kitchen wares … it’s all in there. Run by the founder of Midtown Lunch. (@FoodisnewRock)

Crumb Run: Indie musicians prove their foodie cred. This one’s still getting up and running, but so far has cooking videos, restaurant reviews, etc. from bands like Hooray for Earth, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Harrys Gym and Harlem. (@crumbrun)

Immaculate Infatuation: Two music-industry vets, Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang, run this NYC restaurant-reviews site. The coolest part is that you can find a restaurant by searching for which music venue is the closest. Check out my interview with the guys here. (@ImmaculateInfat)

What sites am I missing?