Pizza Party! (Inspired by Personal and the Pizzas)

Homemade pizza dough + a fun dinner party (recipe + lots of photos and topping suggestions at the bottom)

Last year my boss introduced me to a New Jersey band called Personal and the Pizzas, whose album Raw Pie includes songs like “I Don’t Wanna Be No Personal Pizza,” “$7.99 For Love” and “Pizza Army.” Usually around 5 p.m. on Fridays, I’d hear a blast of “PEPPERONI, PEP-PEPPERONI! PEPPERONI PEP-PEPPERONI!” (from the track “Pepperoni Eyes”) coming from his computer, to signal the end of the work week. So, this band was obviously a no-brainer excuse to throw a pizza party! Whenever I hosted sleepover parties in elementary school, my mom would make a bunch of pizza dough and we’d each get to top our own personal pizzas. It’s a perfect hands-on activity to keep kids entertained, and, as I learned on last weekend, still just as much fun for the big kids, too.

This was my first time making pizza dough and it was surprisingly easy! I do recommend timing it so you use the dough right when it’s done rising, as I’m not quite sure to preserve it (I did a test run earlier in the day and wrapped it in plastic wrap in the fridge, but that dough was so set on continuing to rise that it broke through the plastic wrap, which reminded me of Buddy Love turning into Professor Klump in The Nutty Professor… That aside, I don’t think I’ll ever buy pizza dough again, even the $1 bags at Trader Joe’s, because this was so easy, probably even less expensive, and, honestly, it tasted better and had a better texture. Mom would be proud!

Personal and the Pizzas on MySpace

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Mini Quiche, Granola, and Cake Balls (Eats and Beats, March 12-18)

Hey guys! I’m going to test out a new thing on Fridays where I post a roundup of stuff I cooked/baked throughout the week, as well as some music I listened to. You (my friends, I think the only people who read this site so far) ask me pretty regularly for recipe/meal ideas, and also for music recommendations, so I’m hoping this will be a handy way to give you that. Let me know if it actually is helpful!

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